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Clean up at Casino Night with Angelina Beautiful/Clean in Lufkin Texas

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

Angelina Beautiful/Clean Board and Staff Members What a fantastic 3rd Annual Casino Night Fundraiser! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Our very own SMR Candice Stott chaired this even for the last three years for the Angelina Beautiful/Clean’s 3rd Annual Casino Night fundraiser. This type of community event is made possible by all the local support from businesses who take it upon themselves to give and help support the community.  Clean up at Casino Night with Angelina Beautiful/Clean! Go all-in to help keep our county a beautiful place at this fun event which will offer blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps for casino-type games. Not a gambler? Not a problem! We also have Plinko, a parachute drop, a DJ for dancing, a casino-style buffet, and several photo booths to enjoy.  Candice and the entire Angelina Beautiful Clean Board and staff were overjoyed by the turnout!  We are so grateful for the continued support of our community!

Why choose SERVPRO to help with your water loss?

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

servpro technician using the latest in technology to perform mitigation.    Moisture can not hide from a well-trained SERVPRO technician using the latest mitigation technology!

Highly Trained Restoration Specialists

At SERVPRO of Lufkin/ S. Nacogdoches County, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are the mitigation experts in our area. That includes having the most highly trained and prepared technicians in the business. Our technicians train from day 1 within our corporate structure and hold IICRC industry certifications. All of this work goes into knowing that when we send a technician into your home or business, regardless of the job, they will be prepared. This foresight also provides our customers the clarity that SERVPRO of Lufkin/ S. Nacogdoches County has the tools to complete and meet your expectations on any job.

IICRC Training and Certification

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certifies and sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industries. Our Professionals study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses.

We are always ready, available, and here to help 24/7/365. Call us (936) 637-0404

Do You Have Contaminated Water in Your Lufkin Home?

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Sitting Contaminated Water Damage If you have any water damage in your Lufkin property call the Pros at SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches (936) 559-0404

What to do when exposed to contaminated water?

These Emergency Tips will assist you in taking the proper action until SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches professionals arrive. Please follow these DOs and DON'Ts to help reduce damage and increase the chances of a successful restoration. Here are the DOs and DON'Ts for Water damage from Contaminated Water.


  • Call SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches immediately at (936) 559-0404
  • Avoid all contact with sewage and items contaminated by sewage. This includes damages incurred by a sewage backup.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after contact with contaminated items.


  • Spread contaminated water by walking unnecessarily on damaged or wet areas.
  • Turn on the HVAC system if there is a possibility of spreading contaminated air.
  • Use household fans to dry the structure and spread contaminants.
  • Use products for personal hygiene and cleanliness if exposed to contaminated areas.

Note: If exposed to harmful waste, OSHA recommends a post-exposure medical evaluation. Consult with your local health department or physician.

About SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches

SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a sewage backup or a contaminated water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Is There Hidden Water Damage in Your Nacogdoches Home?

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

indoor water damage If you notice your home has water damage call the experts at SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches Today! (936) 559-0404

Flooding is quite common in Texas, but water damage can come from many different places and is not just a problem for people living on the coast. While the damage from a flood is pretty apparent, there are many ways water damage can happen to your home when you don’t even realize it.

Here are some common causes of water damage and how you can spot the warning signs.

Weather is a common cause of water damage. Rains cause flooding that can get into your home from the outside.

Even if it isn’t raining there is still moisture in the air. Damp air can lead to condensation and water damage to your walls. This is especially true of bathrooms and other damp areas of your home that don’t get much airflow.

Appliances like your washing machine, garbage disposal, water heater, toilet, and air conditioner can all contribute to water damage if they leak or stop draining properly.

Water from our pipes and plumbing systems can also cause water damage. Leaks and drips can go on for months, or even years, raising your water bill and doing unseen damage to your home.

So if these are all the ways water can sneak into your home, what are the signs of water damage?

Here are a few warning signs that you have a water damage problem in your home.

Standing water – This may sound pretty obvious, but if you notice water pooling in your house you have a water problem that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Bad smells – While water doesn’t normally have much of a smell, the mold and bacteria that grow in damp environments can give off a distinct musty, wet odor. If you smell mold or mildew you might have a water issue.

Stains and spots – Stains on the ceilings or walls can be a sign of water damage. You might have a leaky pipe or roof. Call SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches to determine the cause of the problem and to clean up the damage before it becomes a serious mold problem.

Peeling paint – Paint damaged by water will start to peel, bubble, or flake off.

Uneven surfaces – Water damage can cause floors, ceilings, walls, and other surfaces to warp and feel uneven.

Cracks – Water is always seeking the path of least resistance out of your home. Water can enter through cracks and once water finds it’s way in, the crack will expand allowing even more to get into your home. Make sure you seal all visible cracks on your property.

If you notice your home has water damage call the experts at SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches Today! (936) 559-0404 

Is Your Nacogdoches Home Flooded?

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

Extreme flooding in home If you experience any flooding or storm damage, call SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches at: (936) 559-0404

At SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches, our restoration professionals work hard to help restore homes and businesses in our local community.  We are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to restore your property from any size storm disaster.  However, there are steps you can take on your own to prevent damages after a storm.

  • Be prepared for emergencies and ensure that your insurance policy will cover water damage in the event of a flood. 
  • Inspect your home for pre-existing damages in order to prevent a worse water issue.
  • Stay alert of weather in your local area.
  • Inspect your gutters, and regularly clear them of dirt and debris.
  • Install barriers to prevent water from entering your home.
  • When renovating your home, remember to use flood-resistant materials to protect the property from further damage.

These measures will protect your home in the event of flooding and significantly minimize the damages to your property.  Deep east Texas is no stranger to the ever changing and sometimes damaging weather.  A typical day in Lufkin or Nacogdoches may start off with beautiful warm friendly skies and by days end have changed to heavy winds and threatening wind and rain. Have no fear, you have a friend in the business. Your local SERVPRO team has the right experience and training to handle all that Mother Nature may bring. Our team has helped with Disaster Recovery in 30 other states here in the U.S.. We have helped literally over hundreds of people when their homes or business have been impacted by: Fire, Water, Rain, Flash Floods, Strong Winds, Tornadoes, Wildfires or Hurricanes. We want our customers to know that we have seen just about everything Mother Nature can do and want you to know that help is just a phone call away.

If you experience any flooding or storm damage, call SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches at

(936) 559-0404

Can Secondary Water Damage Hurt Your Nacogdoches Home?

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

Ceiling Water Damage It’s important to remember that Secondary damage happens as a result of water damage. It can include things such as warped flooring or black mold.

Any time you have water damage in your Nacogdoches home, there’s a strong chance that secondary damage could also pose a risk. From what this damage is to types of damage, including black mold, here are a few things you should know.

1. What It Is

A secondary type of damage is any damage that occurs as a result of damage related to the initial problem. For example, if a pipe breaks the carpet could get soaked. This is a primary damage. However if the soaked carpet is not dried and the sub-floor warps, the damage to the sub-floor would be considered secondary. Secondary damage usually occurs if the initial damage is extremely severe, incorrectly cleaned up, or damage that is not cleaned up in a timely manner.

2. Types of Damage

There are a few types of damage that often fall into the secondary category. These include warped wood, cracking in sheet-rock or plaster, peeling vinyl, cracked tile, water stains, black mold, and high humidity problems as excess water evaporates. If the water damage has created a weakness in the exterior of the home, such as the roof, you may also experience problems from high winds or additional weather.

3. What To Do

If your home has suffered any type of water damage it’s best to contact a water damage restoration service for help with cleanup and repairs. These professionals can act quickly, are trained in the proper cleanup procedures, and have the tools necessary to safely do the job. Correctly handling the situation can help you prevent additional secondary damages.

It’s important to remember that Secondary damage happens as a result of water damage. It can include things such as warped flooring or black mold. If you have water damage it’s important to call a restoration service, and make repairs as quickly as possible. Doing so can help you mitigate additional damages to your home.

How Does SERVPRO of Lufkin Use FLIR Cameras to Help You?

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

Infrared camera pic and SERVPRO male employee When catastrophe strikes, picking up the pieces, getting things back in order and cleaning up what is left behind can be an overwhelming task.

Throughout the past century, Lufkin and Nacogdoches home and business owners have faced floods, forest fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. When catastrophe strikes, picking up the pieces, getting things back in order and cleaning up what is left behind can be an overwhelming task.

As water damage specialists, we have the experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. One of the best tools our SERVPRO of Lufkin/ S. Nacogdoches team uses to assess water damage situations is the FLIR Camera.

  • How Does a FLIR (Infrared) Camera Work?

All objects emit infrared energy, known as a heat signature. An infrared camera (also known as a thermal imager) detects and measures the infrared energy of objects. The camera converts that infrared data into an electronic image that shows the apparent surface temperature of the object being measured.

An infrared camera contains an optical system that focuses infrared energy onto a special detector chip (sensor array) that contains thousands of detector pixels arranged in a grid.

Each pixel in the sensor array reacts to the infrared energy focused on it and produces an electronic signal. The camera processor takes the signal from each pixel and applies a mathematical calculation to it to create a color map of the apparent temperature of the object. Each temperature value is assigned a different color. The resulting matrix of colors is sent to memory and to the camera’s display as a temperature picture (thermal image) of that object.

Many infrared cameras also include a visible light camera that automatically captures a standard digital image with each pull of the trigger. By blending these images it is easier to correlate problem areas in your infrared image with the actual equipment or area you are inspecting.

Info from:

  • How Does SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches Use FLIR Imaging?

After a water damage incident, it can be difficult to see just how much area the water has affected with the naked eye. However, with a FLIR camera we can track moisture efficiently. Using the FLIR to detect subtle temperature differences, we then use a moisture meter and locate exactly where the damage is. These handheld tools are an incredible addition to keep the remediation process fast and efficient.  

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – (936) 559-0404

Do You Have Mold Damage in Your Lufkin Business?

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage on couch If your business has any mold or water damage, give the pros at SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches a call at: (936) 559-0404

Discovering you have a mold problem can be a bit overwhelming at first. Before you give up and sell your company, hire a professional to assess the situation.

Warning Signs

It is important to recognize the warning signs of mold before it takes over your home and affects your company. 

Smell – Mold has a pungent, musty odor. If it is in one area of your building, you might notice a distinct smell when you enter that part of the property. It is not always visually apparent. Mold can grow behind wallpaper, inside walls and under the carpet. If you notice an unusual and persistent odor in your property, contact a professional in Lufkin, Texas to perform an inspection.

Sight – Watch for the appearance of mold. It may be black, discolored, fuzzy or slimy. You will notice a suspect area growing overtime. Like most fungi, it likes damp areas. Regularly check and clean areas that have a high humidity or tend to collect dampness.

Health – Because mold is not always visible, it may not be apparent that you have a mold problem. If you notice a musty odor when you are at the office or you spot water damaged areas, you may need to hire a mold remediation specialist. If you do have a mold problem, you may notice that you feel better when you are away from home. 


Organisms of the fungus kingdom, like mold, produce toxic secondary metabolites called mycotoxins. 

Things to Know

The best way to prevent mold growth is to control the moisture in your home. Molds can be found almost anywhere and are able to grow on most surfaces, so keeping an eye out for it is essential to keeping you and your employees.

If your business has any mold or water damage, give the pros at SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches a call at: (936) 559-0404

How Can SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches Help You With Disaster Preparation?

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Van in front of business It is critical to be prepared if disaster does strike. SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches County is ready to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Lufkin/ S. Nacogdoches County is always prepared for unexpected disasters from fire, water and mold.  Our restoration professionals help restore properties daily from emergencies such as pipe breaks and smoke damage, and the situation can often be overwhelming.  We are reminding local homeowners and businesses to plan and help protect their properties in order to prevent such a disaster.

Being prepared for a natural disaster is extremely important. Having a plan for things such as a house fire is extremely important. Now is the perfect time to prepare and create or update your evacuation plan in case of any type of emergency. Click here to learn important fire prevention guidelines and safety measures from the American Red Cross.

Building an emergency kit is a helpful way to be prepared for a disaster. You should also know what to do in case of power outages in your area.

  • In order to protect your property even further, SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches County also offers an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) to businesses for free. This is a digital file with information such as water shutoffs, fire suppression systems and key personnel that businesses can utilize in the event of an emergency to help minimize downtime and prevent further damage. Click here to learn more about the ERP.

It is critical to be prepared if disaster does strike.  Should you experience fire, water or mold damage, SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches County is ready to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Understanding Damage to Your Nacogdoches Commercial Property

8/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in front of business If you have any questions of a problem you may be having, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches at (936) 559-0404

At SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches, our goal is to ensure our East Texas Commercial Businesses are aware of any type of damages that they could encounter. The bottom line is, damage that has the potential to impact a residential property can also impact a commercial building.

Types of Damages

Storm: Damage caused by strong winds and heavy rain can remove roof tiles, break windows, plus much more. Storm damages can be devastating and can cause a delay in business (business interruption).

Water: Water damage is typically due to burst pipes, Plumbing failures, floods, or rain. In any case, this can result in contaminated water affecting surfaces, structural, and contents. Water damage can also cause suspicious growth like mold or mildew and erode belongings. Electricity and water damage can quickly become volatile when combined.

Fire: Fire damage can result from a gas stove, faulty outlet, floor heaters, and candles. This can cause severe destruction to your property, which requires cleaning and restoration services.

Mold: What promotes mold growth?  Mold requires water, food, and oxygen to grow. ... They require water to grow and spread, which is why it is recommended to keep homes – especially walls and carpets – as dry as possible. Water leaks, flooding, high humidity, and condensation all provide moisture mold can use to grow and spread

If you have any questions of a problem you may be having, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Lufkin/S. Nacogdoches at (936) 559-0404